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Mountain Wildflowers

Mountain Wildflowers

Iris: April 10-May 15

Golden Groundsel: April 21-May 15

Dogwood: May 1-May 15

Snow Trillium: May 2-May 15

Pink Azalea: May 2-May 21

Fraser Magnolia: May 5-May 15

Flame Azalea: May 5-June 15

Small's Groundsel: May 7-June 10

Fire Pine: May 10-June 7

Bowman's Root: May 21-June 15

New Jersey Tea: May 21-June 15

Allegheny Blackberry: May 21-June 7

Mountain Laurel: June 1-June 14

Columbine: June 1-July 5

Catawba Rhododendron: June 1-June 20

Viper's Bugloss: June 1-June 30

Beard-tongue: June 1-July 5

Sundrop: June 1-June 21

Goat's Beard: June 7-June 21

American Elder: June 10-July 5

Coreopsis: June 15- August 5

Fragrant Thimbleberry: June 21-July 30

White Rhododendron: June 25- July 14

Sourwood: June 25-July 15

Beebalm: July 1-August 15

Cohost Bugbane: July 10-July 30

Tall Cone Flower: July 10-August 10

Oswego Tea: July 10-August 5

Tall Meadow-Rue: July 19-July 21

Snapweed: August 1-August 21

Boneset: August 1-August 21

Ironweek: August 1-August 28

Joe-Pye-Weed: August 1-August 28

Pokeberry: August 1-August 30

Gay Leech: August 1-August 21

Wild Lettuce: August 1-September

Cardinal Flower: August 10-August 28

Clematis: August 10-August 21

White Wood Aster: August 21-September 25

Sneezeweed: August 21-September 30

Field Goldenrod: September 1-September 25

Wrinkled Goldenrod: September 1-September 21

Swamp Aster: September 1-September 21

Canada Goldenrod: September 5-September 30

Wave Aster: September 5- September 30

Heath Aster: September 10-October 5

Aromatic Cudweed: September 15- October 5


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